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tour blog – day something plus something

Dec 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

hey, it s dye again.

now in seattle, playing chop suey tonight.

we had 1.5 days off here and really like it here. second hand poetry book stores be our death. thrift shops too. vinyl shops, needless to say.

liked the cafe bauhaus. and the ballet diner on pike st and broadway – a treasure – we love you guys. the curry and won ton are amazing.

whats been inbetween Toronto and here?

Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis – 3 out of 4 we really liked and that s not bad. all these places there ve been wonderful sweet people helping us out, letting us stay at their places, etc etc … thanks to you all -  … porcupine, the muttering retreats, babylon a go go, coupleskate, ….  gerard, kerry, chris (gammel dansk!), greg, all the people at the clubs

on the minus side we still havent received any vinyl to sell at the shows, and we re almost sold out for cds. hhmm. not good.


Tour blog, day something

Dec 03, 2008 in live


we re in Toronto right now. Both the canadian shows were really good we thought – we liked it, we liked the people (thanks to everybody at the ZooBizarre, the club people, the band Crystal Moustache, .. friendliness and carots make all the difference on this planet), thanks to everybody at the Horseshoe in Toronto. great place, great soundguy (hi Brian), great Jamaican food just across the street, the Ackee Tree – sweet people, and interesting paintings on the walls, by a local painter, Jabari (?) … really liked those …

guess that kinda defines our sources of inspiration – paintings, people, sweetness, carots. and hate and love of course, but that goes without saying.

talking bout love – yes, the night at Santos in New York was great. Dye loves Marnie Stern. WIN MARNIE WIN. and Gang Gang Dance were good n sweet too – the night ended with all 3 bands jamming together on stage, at least almost evrybody.

dye at santos - photo by Tim Griffin

dye at santos - photo by Tim Griffin

the long drives thru Vermont, Maine (or wherever we were) were great … snow, cold clear air, truckstops, Jakes service station … wait let me find a pic:

Dye at Jakes:

18th dye at Santos – pictures, words

Dec 03, 2008 in Uncategorized

here s some pics from the New York night: