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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 @ 10:33 am | amorine queen, live, records

Amorine Queen will be released in the U.S.  November 11, 2008 -

plans for a U.S. tour are underway.



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    7 Responses to “US Release”

    1. Pushbin Says:

      What label is the new record going to be released on in the U.S.?

    2. dye Says:

      Amorine Queen is gonna be released on Crunchy Frog and distributed through Ryko, -

    3. Derek Lehrman Says:

      Flippin’ Fantastik! Where have you BEEN? nO oNE has ever replaced you, or matched you…I’ll have Amorine Queen in my hands and in my head and in my car in 5 days! A life has just gone sweeter in Berkeley California. Thanks for coming back, you have been missed.

    4. Cris Says:

      hola heike, soy cris desde chile, soy el pololo de luz maria. esta buena tu musica los felicito, deberian venir a chile
      hi i am cris, luz maria’s boyfriend. your music is cool, you must come to chile some day, also make a song of your life in chile and the friendship that you left here. and that regards remember(remind) you with very much fondness, luck cris

    5. Katsunri Nagata Says:

      Now I ‘m playing Amorine Queen vinyl in my room and this lp is so coooool as well as my all-time-favourite Tribute To A Bus lp so far!

      And, why not come along to Japan for gigs after the dates mentioning in the US!!

    6. dye Says:

      thanks! we sure would like to come and play in Japan. Lets see what happens …

    7. Ricardo Amaral Says:

      Welcome back from Brazil! Props to Matador Blog for letting me know you guys are back.

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