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Not news really, here s the 18th dye statement from early 2010:

“It is not possible for us to compose, create and act as a band any more. We have decided to stop the band at this point.”

Our thanks go to all the people who have supported us – label, bookers, listeners, friends … you know who you are.

a bit more here:



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    3 Responses to “stopping”

    1. Stephen Says:

      So sorry to discover in 2010 that the most beautiful 18th Dye have had to stop.

      I saw you several times in the 1990s and your decision to halt then was one of those events that leave people sad-dish. Certainly left me that way.

      News of your noughties reformation came too late for me to chase down any of your live shows, and now tonight I discover that I ain’t gonna hear any Amorine Queen live for (possibly) a long long time.

      Thank you for the happiness you have brought so many. I hope that greater happiness fills your lives in all your future endeavours.

      You always rock!

    2. Søren Dø Says:


      How can someone that made such a wonderful record, a record that with such ease simply bridged so many years, claim that they can not work as a band !

      I miss them again, and hope hope hope that they will join again, please dont wait 12 years again, I will then be a old man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Ssadina Says:

      i wanna Test’s second album!!!! please! waiting for a long long time. “Excerpts 2005″ heard promising!

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