the 18th dye discography


done // lp/cd 11.92 CLOUDLAND records DK

plumbing & soon forgetting // on ‘the noise and the melodies – the pearl compilation’ cd 05.93 GER

can you wink (demo version) // on try another flavour compilation cd 04.93 heaven sent records GER

fragile stars // on flexidisc with `sound affects` magazine (sweden) 11.93

crayon mini lp/cd [6 trax] // 10.93 CLOUDLAND records DK

whole wide world/fragile stars // 7″ ché records, london, U.K. 04.94

dive/coffee cup revisited // 7″ quixotic records , USA. 05.94

done 10 inch // cd ché records, london, U.K. 06.06.94

dive / can you wink? plumbing // 7# ché records, london, U.K. 11.07.94

crayon 10 inch // cd matador records, n.y. , U.S. 11.94

isn’t it a pity // on a ‘tribute to galaxie 500′ compilation, elefant rec., ESP, .94

play w/ you / gout s.f. f. // 7″ ché records, london, U.K. 01.95

play w/ you / gout s.f. / f. // cd single, community, GER 01 95

tribute to a bus // lp/mc/cd ché (UK), matador(US), community (GAS), cloudland (scan) 03.95

f H 4 / trains and boats and planes // 7″ flowershop records, london, U.K. 07.95

Left (b-sides and outtakes) // cd, 1999

Amorine Queen // cd, vinyl, Crunchy Frog, Denmark, 2008

3 Responses to “discography”

  1. cameron karslake Says:

    Please, please, please, I have been looking for a copy (I lost mine :~() of your odds and sods comp called “left”
    It is a fantastic cd! Great versions of your work and one of my favorites. any word on getting it rereleased? It was out on Extreme Sports Armchair Enthusiast records, or something like that. I contacted you a few years ago about this and wonder, now that you are back into music, that this might have a second life? Sad to hear back then that you didn’t even have a copy- I’d love to send one if I ever find it again? I found mine in Buffalo, New York around ’96. Thanks.

  2. dye Says:

    hi cameron, thnkx 4 yr msg – to be honest we doubt that ‘left’ will ever be re-released … only a b-sides n rarities thingy after all. ebay and other sites sometimes have a rare one left …

  3. yebo Says:

    Hey… you seem to be missing one pretty crucial release – as in : AMORINE QUEEN. Also LEFT, right?


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