a night in the ships’ machine room

Jul 30, 2009 in live

on board http://stubnitz.dk, cph 29 july 2009

dye stubnitz 01

dye stubnitz 01 - pic: charlotte gullach

18th Dye go for a Spring Stroll to the US.and for a spring roll too…

Mar 13, 2009 in live

March 16th CRUNCHY FROG SHOWCASE at Santos Party House, New York NY. http://www.santospartyhouse.com/

March 17th 18thDye DJ the Cake Shop Manhattan New York NY. http://www.cake-shop.com/calendar/

March 19th AUSTIN SWSX ! CRUNCHY FROG LABEL NIGHT at Submerged, 333 E St (v.Trinity) 11pm

March 20th AUSTIN SWSX! DANISH DYNAMITE OUTSIDE DAYPARTY at Vogtsberger House,1402 E 2nd St 1pm

Tour blog, day something

Dec 03, 2008 in live


we re in Toronto right now. Both the canadian shows were really good we thought – we liked it, we liked the people (thanks to everybody at the ZooBizarre, the club people, the band Crystal Moustache, .. friendliness and carots make all the difference on this planet), thanks to everybody at the Horseshoe in Toronto. great place, great soundguy (hi Brian), great Jamaican food just across the street, the Ackee Tree – sweet people, and interesting paintings on the walls, by a local painter, Jabari (?) … really liked those … http://www.ackeetree.com/

guess that kinda defines our sources of inspiration – paintings, people, sweetness, carots. and hate and love of course, but that goes without saying.

talking bout love – yes, the night at Santos in New York was great. Dye loves Marnie Stern. WIN MARNIE WIN. and Gang Gang Dance were good n sweet too – the night ended with all 3 bands jamming together on stage, at least almost evrybody.

dye at santos - photo by Tim Griffin

dye at santos - photo by Tim Griffin

the long drives thru Vermont, Maine (or wherever we were) were great … snow, cold clear air, truckstops, Jakes service station … wait let me find a pic:

Dye at Jakes:

Tour blog, day 5

Nov 30, 2008 in live

hanging out at the hotel, after some rehearsing for unplugged-ish radio sessions coming up. we got us two 1 Watt Fender mini amps, these 10 cm thingies for that.

wall of sound

now that s what we call wall of sound. the walls of the hotel were shaking. all about walls.

getting ready now for tonites show,

excited to be sharing a stage with Marnie Stern. really gotten to like her stuff – lyrics really resonate with me right now.

US tour

Oct 31, 2008 in live

Dates for the US tour have now been confirmed – please see the LIVE section!

Thanks for Roskilde

Jul 08, 2008 in live

dye says thanks to all of you that came to roskilde, and for your messages.

this time around we had sorted out all belly pains and amplifier breakdowns 2 days before the show. so we actually enjoyed it.


Return to Berlin

May 18, 2008 in live

18th dye is looking forward to returning to Berlin, for one show, at

Lido, May 23

Happy to announce that we will have Dillon playing with us, for this show – check her out:

Dillon on MySpace

18th dye playing Roskilde Festival

Apr 16, 2008 in live

18th dye has now been confirmed for this year’s Roskilde Festival

We are looking forward to playing … after 15 years of absence:

18th dye played Roskilde in 1993

Hope to see you there!

18th dye