a night in the ships’ machine room

Jul 30, 2009 in live

on board http://stubnitz.dk, cph 29 july 2009

dye stubnitz 01

dye stubnitz 01 - pic: charlotte gullach

18th Dye go for a Spring Stroll to the US.and for a spring roll too…

Mar 13, 2009 in live

March 16th CRUNCHY FROG SHOWCASE at Santos Party House, New York NY. http://www.santospartyhouse.com/

March 17th 18thDye DJ the Cake Shop Manhattan New York NY. http://www.cake-shop.com/calendar/

March 19th AUSTIN SWSX ! CRUNCHY FROG LABEL NIGHT at Submerged, 333 E St (v.Trinity) 11pm

March 20th AUSTIN SWSX! DANISH DYNAMITE OUTSIDE DAYPARTY at Vogtsberger House,1402 E 2nd St 1pm

Release Party Amorine Queen

Mar 31, 2008 in amorine queen, live, records

18th Dye Releaseparty

amorine queen release party

When: 04. apr 2008, 20:00

Where: Zum Biergarten Axel Torv 12 Copenhagen, Danmark